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version 5.0.1


Shortcodes help you to easily create prefefined theme specific content and can be inserted anywhere in your content, using the text tab of your WordPress Page or Post content editor. Before start using shortcodes, don't forget to install and enable the MC Shortcodes plugin that comes with the theme, otherwise they will not work.

Clear Floats

Clears your floated content.



Add white space between 2 elements, one after another. Can be used anywhere in the theme to create a good vertical typographic rithm.

[spacer size="20px"]


Each time you want to create a layout split in several columns, make sure that the column shortcodes are wrapped in a column wrapper shortcode.

[columns_wrapper columns="2"]
    One Half Content
    One Half Content

The above example creates a 2 column layout inside your page. If you wish to create a 3. 4 or a 5 column layout, just added 3 or 4 or 5 [column_item]...[/column_item] pairs inside the [column_wrapper] shortcode and make sure you change the columns parameter to 3, 4 or 5. You can also have 1/3 with 2/3 column layout using onethird-left or onethird-right for the columns parameter and 2 pairs of [column_item]...[/column_item].

Centered Wrapper

Use this shortcode if you wish to center align and narrow the content in your page.


Custom List

Generates an unordered list with an icon of your choice.

	[clist_item icon="mi-icon mi-icon-arrow-right8" icon_color="#ababab"]Access to Media Consult sales & pre-sales professionals[/clist_item]
	[clist_item icon="mi-icon mi-icon-arrow-right8" icon_color="#ababab"]Extensive product and sales training[/clist_item]
	[clist_item icon="mi-icon mi-icon-arrow-right8" icon_color="#ababab"]Placement & promotion on the Media Consult website to increase awareness in your local market[/clist_item]
	[clist_item icon="mi-icon mi-icon-arrow-right8" icon_color="#ababab"]Access to the Media Consult Partners Portal[/clist_item]


Generares a button that will link to any link of your choice.

[button url="#" color="skin" title="Sample Title" target="_blank" type="fill" icon="fa fa-chevron-right" class=""]Your Button Text[/button]

For the color parameter you can choose between white, red, orange, blue, green and skin(that is the current color skin).

For the type parameter you can choose between fill or border.

target="_blank" means that the link will open in a new tab.

Message Box

Generates a colored message box with the text of your choice.

[messagebox class="" color="#10b9d2" background="#e1fbff" border="#10b9d2"]
	text inside your message box


Creates text paragraphs that have a larger font size with the color of your choice.

[intro align="left" textcolor="#2c2e32" class=""]text inside your intro paragraph[/intro]


Wraps your text in a tagline - in our case, a smaller but emphasized text.

[tagline color="#fff" background="#f87b27" align="left" class=""]text inside your tagline[/tagline]

Service Block

Creates a service block with icon, header, description and an optional class name that you can use to customize the shortcode via css.

[service_block align="left" icon="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/service1.png" icon_type="image" title="Corporate Publishing" icon_color="" clickable="false" disk="false" disk_background="#1dca8f"]
	Ex legere intellegam eos, pri enim consetetur deterruisset an. Timeam minimum honestatis integre sadipscing.

Service Title

Generates a title with icon and tagline.

[service_title title="Services Overview" icon="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/services_icon.png" tagline="Our Services At A Glance"]

Page Title

Generates a block with border(s) and background of your choice.

[page_title border_left="true" background="true"]
[spacer size="22px"]
<h1 class="skin-color">Appify Concept</h1>
<p class="intro-text">Et aeterno honestatis interesset mei. Eu per mnesarchum honestatis, et iusto nonumes pericula nam. Mazim labore commodo mei ex, has alii noster dolores an. Saepe honestatis id his ius inani habemus et pro ex purto.</p>
[spacer size="22px"]

Other parameters include border_right, border_top, border_bottom, margin and padding.

The margin and padding parameters can be used like margin="22px 32px 22px 32px" where the values correspond to margin top, margin right, margin bottom and margin left, in this particular order.

Card Block

Generates a block with border, image, title and content.

[card_block image="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/card_img1.jpg" title="Become A Partner" url="#" clickable="true"]

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card’s content.

[spacer size="10px"]
[button url="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/become-a-partner/" title="Read More"]Read More[/button]
[spacer size="10px"]

Document Info

Generates a section with title, small description and icon.

[document_info title="Financial Stats" desc="2.4MB, 15 minutes read" url="#" icon=""]

Media Icons

Generates icons that can link to anything you want, for example to social media profiles.

	[media_icon icon="fab fa-twitter" url="#" class="cel-media-twitter"]
	[media_icon icon="fab fa-facebook-f" url="#" class="cel-media-facebook"]
	[media_icon icon="fab fa-linkedin-in" url="#" class="cel-media-linkedin"]
	[media_icon icon="fab fa-pinterest-p" url="#" class="cel-media-pinterest"]
	[media_icon icon="fas fa-feather" url="#" class="cel-media-general"]


Creates thumbnail that opens inside a lightbox.

[lightbox title="short image desc" url="absolute_path_to_large_image" thumbnail="absolute_path_to_thumbnail_image" type="single" align="left"]

For the type parameter you can choose between single, gallery or video.

For the align parameter you can choose between left or right.

Google Maps

Creates a google maps with location and custom styling.

[google_map latitude="" longitude="" mapinfo="Media Consult Location" map_skin="light" zoom="16" height="440px"]

For the map_skin parameter you can choose between light or dark.


Generates content grouped in tabs.

[tabs_body type="top"]
      [tab_title active="true" id="my-first-tab" title="Integrity"]
      [tab_title id="my-second-tab" title="Accountability"]
      [tab_title id="third-tab" title="Partnership"]
      [tab_content active="true" id="my-first-tab"]

          Simul insolens et ius, etiam signiferumque mediocritatem cu has. Sea hinc delectus periculis te, has brute volutpat ad. Vel no viris viderer honestatis, pro ridens iisque voluptaria ei.

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      [tab_content id="my-second-tab"]

          Sea nullam facete splendide ad, quis utinam doctus ad sit, per sensibus volutpat cu. Vis modo equidem quaestio ex. Movet munere iudicabit in vel, id vix dolore convenire. In per impedit intellegam, eu vim dicta luptatum. An dico maluisset principes eum. Qui te liber legere, vel ex debitis contentiones disputationi. An nam debitis petentium. Atqui graeco saperet an mel, ei cum putent appetere.

      [tab_content id="third-tab"]

          Quodsi noluisse vix ad, eos ut tantas officiis laboramus, velit accusam consequuntur per te. Dolor detracto mandamus eu sit. Ei ferri debet assentior quo. Wisi omnes legimus cu sea. Postulant expetenda pri no, alia elit adipisci id sed.

          Et has tritani neglegentur. Sit id meis tantas efficiendi, sea no nobis dolor. Dicunt inimicus euripidis cum id. Erat meliore gloriatur ad his. Saepe nemore ex pro.


For the type parameter you can choose between top, left or right.

Toggle Content

Generates a toggle block that contains information that can be visible or hidden.

[toggle_content title="Do You Outsource Your Services ?" active="true"]
	...some text...
[toggle_content title="How Can You Increase My Awareness ?" active="false"]
	...some text...

Team Member

Creates a team member block with biography and profile data.

[team_member name="Laura Park" position="Business Development Director" biography_text="biography" phone="Phone: +1 234 252 7890" email="laura.park@mediaconsult.com" image="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/team_img2.jpg" linkedin="#" facebook="#" twitter="#"]

Nam ridens dolorem at, ad simul ullamcorper sed. Probo graece persius eum ad, ius ne facete oblique, et mei copiosae principes. No commodo corrumpit per. Et vix quod nostro indoctum. Liber officiis ex mel, aperiam scripserit theophrastus cum ei sea ei falli ornatus offendit, ex eos solet.


Note that if you don't set the biography_text parameter, the lightbox containing the biography won't be loaded at all.

For our demo we used images with 390x561px resolution.

Content Carousel

Generates a carousel with any content.

[content_carousel visible_items="3" visible_items_ss="2" category="" nav_arrows="true" nav_dots="false" autoplay="true" loop="true" nav_arrows_alt="false"]

visible_items_ss stands for visible items on smaller screen resolutions(991px to 1440px screen width).

visible_items_ss2 stands for visible items on smaller than 991px screen resolutions.

Clients Carousel

Creates a carousel with logos of your clients or partners. This carousel is created with the same content carousel but with few different settings.

[content_carousel visible_items="5" visible_items_ss="4" visible_items_ss2="2" nav_arrows="false"]
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo1.png" alt="" />
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo2.png" alt="" />
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo3.png" alt="" />
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo4.png" alt="" />
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo5.png" alt="" />
<img src="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/client_logo6.png" alt="" />

Testimonials Carousel

Creates a carousel with testimonials from your clients or partners. This carousel is created with the same content carousel but with few different settings.

[content_carousel visible_items="1" visible_items_ss="1"  visible_items_ss2="1" nav_arrows="false" nav_dots="true" dots_position="outside"]
[testimonial name="Michael Orson" position="Head of Digital Communications" image="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/testimonial_avatar1.jpg"]
“Media Consult provide us with tangible and quantifiable insights into the success of content and how we can reach new and existing audiences better.”
[testimonial name="Kathrine Reymond" position="Innova Construct CEO" image="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/testimonial_avatar2.jpg"]
“Magna referrentur ei est, dicunt accommodare id quo. Graece definiebas an his, eum ad ullum dicam expetendis.”
[testimonial name="Martin Clark" position="Blue Ocean Global Manager" image="http://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/testimonial_avatar3.jpg"]
“Quo veri accumsan in. Ad everti erroribus abhorreant qui, oblique debitis officiis sed eu. Sanctus salutandi nam at, no quo minim vidisse vulputate.”

Featured Posts Slider

Creates a slider that displays your latest blog posts from the category of your choice.

[featured_posts_slider qty="3" more_url="https://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult-business/press-releases/"]

Service Highlight

Creates a section consisting of a title with icon and background and a description.

[service_highlight icon_type="icon" icon="icon-Bar-Chart" title="Forex Trading" background="#1dca8f"]
Laudem officiis invidunt qui ex, vidit denique contentiones mei at. Omnium fabulas eam no.

Title Bar

Creates a section title with icon and background.

[title_bar title="Find Out How To..." icon="icon-Information" icon_rotate="30" heading="3"]

Howto Block

Creates a section with an image, title and description.

[howto_block image="https://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult-business/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/assets/images/howto_img1.jpg" url="#" title="Request Your Personal Information"]

Nam sonet sapientem elaboraret ut, corrumpit delicatissimi nec cu, ut quo choro persecuti menandri quaestio maluisset habeo reprimique eros partem principes no.


Page Share

To create sharing icons, just paste the following code anywhere in your page content:


History Blocks

Creates history sections grouped in a history wrapper.

[history_block year="2000" title="Humble Beginnings" dot_background="#0bcb8d"]
Ei sumo scaevola est, ne per viris utroque. Labore cetero fabellas cu sit, eu qui ludus ridens. Eam odio facilis te, ei decore imperdiet cum, nisl nulla putent ea mea. Vitae decore meliore quo in vel cibo facer ridens, nonumy facete aliquip ne sit.
[history_block year="2003" title="New Headquarters" dot_background="#0bcb8d"]
Ei sumo scaevola est, ne per viris utroque. Labore cetero fabellas cu sit, eu qui ludus ridens. Eam odio facilis te, ei decore imperdiet cum, nisl nulla putent ea mea. Vitae decore meliore quo in vel cibo facer ridens, nonumy facete aliquip ne sit.
[history_block year="2010" title="Opening 5 New Locations" dot_background="#0bcb8d"]
Ei sumo scaevola est, ne per viris utroque. Labore cetero fabellas cu sit, eu qui ludus ridens. Eam odio facilis te, ei decore imperdiet cum, nisl nulla putent ea mea. Vitae decore meliore quo in vel cibo facer ridens, nonumy facete aliquip ne sit.
[history_block year="2013" title="Becoming An Internation Company" dot_background="#0bcb8d"]
Ei sumo scaevola est, ne per viris utroque. Labore cetero fabellas cu sit, eu qui ludus ridens. Eam odio facilis te, ei decore imperdiet cum, nisl nulla putent ea mea.

Quote Message

Creates a testimonial section.

[quote_message image="https://celestialthemes.com/demos/mediaconsult-business/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/assets/images/testimonial_image1.jpg" name="Arielle Johansson - Media Consult CEO" align="left" show_quote="true" skin_color="false"]
We provide the Divisions and Corporate Functions of Media Consult abroad range of innovative services that match the needs of Media Consult customers and employees alike. Based on a common approach to innovation, standardization, and continuous improvement we are dedicated to make associated processes smarter, simpler and faster.

Latest Posts Minimal

Displays your latest blog posts in a minimal layout.

[posts_small qty="3" category=""]