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Innova Construct Documentation

version 4.1

Homepage Setup

When visiting the theme for the first time, please note that what is shown on the screen is not your actual homepage.

To use the homepage template, go to Pages  ›  Add New, choose a title, for example "Home", fill the page content with your own content(this is what will appear under the slider - in the theme's body, not in the slider) and make sure you choose Homepage or Homepage Blog Slider in the Template dropdown from Page Attributes box.

Once you have created a homepage, you can go to Settings  ›  Reading and set "Front page displays" to "Home" (assuming that the title name of the page you've created is "Home").

Note that one of the particularities of the homepage is that its header area contains a slider that is populated with either slider custom posts ("Homepage" template) or blog posts ("Homepage Blog Slider" template). To be able to add slider posts, you must first install and activate the IC Custom Posts plugin.

The other particularity of the homepage is the option to enable the sidebar. By default, the homepage content doesn't have a sidebar and to turn it on, you will have to use a custom field name  ›  value.

Once the custom fields box under the WordPress editor is enabled from Screen Options in the top right of your screen, insert for "name" innovaconstruct_display_sidebar and for "value" true (without any quotes). Then click on Add Custom Field button and save the page.