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version 4.1

Custom Page Titles

When creating a page, by default, its title will be displayed inside the header dark bar. However, you may want to extend this section with your own content, like adding an additional description to the page that you want to create.

Custom header content is added via custom fields. First make sure you enable the custom fields box under the WordPress editor from Screen Options from the top right of your screen. Once you have done that, insert for "name" innovaconstruct_header_content and for "value" your own content that can consist of html tags and / or shortcodes.

Custom Field

Expected Result


So in our case, we have added to the default blog template the following code:

[spacer size="20px"]
<h1>Our Company’s Blog</h1>
[spacer size="4px"]
[intro align="left"]Be the first to know the latest corporate news, trends and valuable information 
about us and our company by reading our blog.[/intro]
[spacer size="20px"]