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version 4.0.4


To be able to add your own portfolio, make sure that you have installed and activated the MC Custom Posts plugin that comes with the theme.

Go to Portfolio  ›  Portfolio Categories and create a category for it, for example, Our Works.

If you want to have a portfolio filter containing different categories, you must create new categories that belong to the parent category that you first created, in our case Our Works.

For example, in our demo we have:

And the result will be:

After you have configured the portfolio categories the way you like, go to Add New from Portfolio and add a portfolio post entry. Insert the post title, choose a category, add featured image and insert the post content(that will appear on the post detail).

You have 1 option in the Portfolio custom settings box(scroll down and you will see it after the content editor):

Before publising the portfolio entry, make sure you check the child category that belongs to the parent Our Works.

You can add more portfolio posts by repeating the above steps.

To create the portfolio listing using the portfolio template, go to Pages  ›  Add new, fill the page title and choose "Portfolio" template from the Template dropdown inside the Page Attributes box.

If you want your portfolio page to list only entries from a certain category, in the custom fields box use mediaconsult_port_cat for "name" field and the taxonomy(category) slug for "value". This way, you have the option to generate an unlimited number of portfolio templates of the same type.

You can customize the portfolio page title by adding in the custom fields box of the portfolio page template mediaconsult_page_title for "name" field and the code of your choice for the "value" field.

Another custom field option allows you to choose the number of columns(2 or 3) for your portfolio listing. Make sure you use mediaconsult_port_columns for "name" field and 2 or 3 in the "value" field.

Also, you can enable or disable the portfolio post category for each post using mediaconsult_display_port_cat for "name" and true or false for "value" field.

The portfolio category filter can be enabled or disabled from Appearance  ›  Customize  ›  Portfolio section. Here you can also control how many portfolio posts are displayed per page, portfolio pagination type as well as the portfolio post image behavior.